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 What Is Business Setu ?

Business Setu is a programme designed by Hiren Rathod, Mentor, Success Setu Pvt. Ltd with the aim of to businessman for establishing proper system and process at organization with effective tools and techniques as well Strategic Mind-set guides the leaders to continuously tune and adapt to the dynamic business environment.

 Who Can Join Business Setu / Target Audience?

Business owners | Businessman who are managing 5 manager typically (Manufacturer, Traders, Wholesalers, Large Retailers, Service Provider etc)

 Why Business Setu?

  • To survive and prosper in a globalized market, by formulating the precise strategy as well Understand the relevance of Strategy in a Leadership role.
  • Understand the link between Vision and Strategic Initiatives.
  • Apply principles of strategic thinking to the departments/functions and set proper.
  • Business Setu Learn to techniques for developing and tracking execution of business strategy.
  • Business Setu Build on essential leadership skills, attitudes and learn advanced techniques.
  • Business Setu learn to Inspire and develop leaders to achieve execution excellence.
  • Business Setu Learn to lead and manage direct reportees who themselves are managers of teams.
  • Business Setu learn to attract the right talent (employee) to your organization.
  • Business Setu learn to retention of ideal leader and show them the career progression so they can serve you for longer time of period.
  • Presentation
  • Game & Activity
  • Role Play
  • Discussion
  • Films
  • Storytelling
 KEY BENEFIT OF Business Setu
  • Design winning Strategies that align with organization culture and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Develop strategic mind-set to balance core business team and new initiatives.
  • Use analytical tools to identify and evaluate a business’s strategy and its position in the industry.
  • Build the strategic abilities of the top leadership team.
  • Enhance ability to capitalize on the market opportunities by leveraging organizational strengths.
  • Understand Leadership role and deal effectively with fire fighting and operational excellence.
  • Innovative ideas and big picture thinking for significant improvement in decision making.
  • Effective and Agile deployment of organizational resources among functional units.
  • Improve attention to the development of the first line managers.
  • Improve management of the interface among functional units.
  • Enhance collaboration across the functional units.
  • 12 full day session (1 session / Month) in Gujarati / English / Hindi.
  • 4 Employee Training to top management on Change Management (Managers).

 What Is Leader Setu ?

Leader Setu is a programme designed by Hiren Rathod, Mentor, Success Setu Pvt. Ltd with the aim of to awaken the hidden potential of businessman for Maximise leadership potential with the tools and techniques for an effective transition from being an individual contributor to a people manager and gears them for transforming ecosystems of organisations.

 Who Can Join Leader Setu / Target Audience?

Business owners| Businessman who is managing work with 3 employee (Manufacturer, Traders, Wholesalers, Large Retailers, Service Provideretc)

 Why Leader Setu?

  • By attending this self-Development program, you will learn processes, tools and techniques to build an understanding of the role of a director / owner and the competencies required.
  • Provide knowledge and practices of the essential skills and attitudes required for effective transition from Executive DIRECTOR/OWNER to Manager DIRECTOR/OWNER to Leader DIRECTOR/OWNER to Mentor DIRECTOR/OWNER
  • Leader Setu learn to envision and visualize the big picture through techniques and activities that sharpen their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence
  • Leader Setu learn how to manage highly qualified people interactions and conversations, and get it done work from them on day to day bases through Art of delegation techniques
  • Leader Setu learn how to harness their inner spiritual energy through meditation. Meditation also helps them recharge and bounce back from
  • Presentation
  • Game &Activity
  • Role Play
  • Discussion
  • Films
  • Storytelling
  • Increase managerial effectiveness through clear direction, alignment and commitment.
  • Successful transition from individual contributor to a people manager
  • Inspire, support and empower yourself and team members to a successful deliverable
  • Reduce ambiguity, Increase productivity and clarity towards goal
  • Earning more with less time
  • Ability to spare more time for family thus get happiness
  • Improve the right decision making ability
  • Selection of right candidate for right job (Recruitment)
  • 9 Session (1 session/week) in Gujarati / English / Hindi

For Employee

 What Is Nakuri Setu ?

Nakuri Setu is a programme designed by Hiren Rathod, Mentor, Success Setu Pvt. Ltd with the aim of to help Every individual employee needs to take charge of their own goals and work towards achieving excellence. This programme will help individual contributor to possess the necessary skills and knowledge that can lead to success.

 Who Can Join Nakuri Setu / Target Audience?

Employeewho are currently in managerial role typically and having 5 years’ experience in his domain

 Why Nakuri Setu?

  • Incorporate self-awareness to boost productivity
  • Use personal vision as a spring boat to excellence at workplace
  • Demonstrate components of taking ownership and execution excellence for self-leadership
  • NaukriSetu Learn to Improve one’sself-confidence, Communication and time management
  • NaukriSetu learn to manage the effectively manage the work life balance.
  • Presentation
  • Game &Activity
  • Role Play
  • Discussion
  • Films
  • Storytelling
  • Achieve higher self-awareness and focus at work
  • Increase capability to handle stress at work
  • Clarity of one’s role in the organization
  • Increase productivity and alignment towards organizational goal
  • Better employee engagement with ownership
  • Ability to set the goal in all dimension of life as well to track them
  • 6Half day session (1 session / Week) in Gujarati, English and Hindi

For Organization

 What Is Hr Setu ?

HR Setu is to Define Desire of organization, Access the current level and design future level, Built the require competency and Action as per strategy. This programme designed byHiren Rathod, Mentor, Success Setu Pvt. Ltd for the complete transformation of organization from current state to future state.

 Who Can Join Hr Setu / Target Audience?

Organization | Company | SME who are having managing 6 to 8managerial employee as well total manpower count is more than 50 employee. (Manufacturer, Traders, Wholesalers, Large Retailers, Service Provideretc)

 Why Hr Setu?

  • Establish HR practice as per requirement
  • Create leadership pool of top management / middle management as per organization aspiration.
  • Employee Training (as per requirement)
  • Access Skill & Talent of all employee
  • Define proper roles and responsibility of all employee as per PMS standard
  • Channelize daily, weekly, monthly meeting
  • Presentation
  • Game &Activity
  • Role Play
  • Discussion
  • Films
  • Storytelling
  • Design various policy, establish proper Standard Operating Process, HR Manual creation, Induction Program, employee database, exit interview, establish proper recruitment process, manpower planning and budgeting, establish PMS
  • Counselling of employee (new joiner, employee retention, role clarity etc), vision alignment, employee SWOT realization, etc
  • Motivational Training on regular interval for all employee as well leader, change management (Launching of structure, policy, roles, PMS etc), system and process, career progression plan for employee)
  • Skill Matrix, identification of skill gap and communicate to employee, role changing of employee as per skills and talent.
  • Define thump rules for meeting, help in designing require formats for analysis as per TGT vs ACH.
  • Enhance collaboration across the functional units
  • Customised program for an organization approx. 6 to 8 month and roll out at customers place in Gujarati / English / Hindi

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